This technique uses high frequency light energy, which penetrates deep into the tissues, creating a variety of beneficial changes. The targeted cells release a variety of chemicals which can improve circulation and reduce inflammation. In some ways similar to acupuncture, laser therapy helps with the release of endorphins, relaxing muscles and elevating a pet’s mood.  Therapeutic laser therapy can be used to help rehabilitate the following conditions:


-Decreased circulation

-Tendonitis, bursitis, capsulitis

-Scar tissue, contractures

-Muscle spasms





Ultrasound technology has a variety of uses in modern medicine. They are frequently used as a powerful diagnosis diagnostic imaging tool for both the detection of changed in our internal organs and for the neonatal imaging during pregnancy. Ultrasound works by sound waves that bump into each other, causing vibrations in tissues, that create energy. At certain wavelengths, this can create an image. At other, therapeutic wavelengths,  these sound waves that cause microscopic air bubbles stimulate cell membranes and promote healing. At the proper wavelengths, therapeutic ultrasound elevates tissue temperature, increasing circulation, loosens tightened tissue, and increases cell metabolism. These changes result in decreased inflammation, decreases in muscle spasms, facilitation of tissue healing, decreased scarring, and muscle relaxation.

The following conditions are effectively treated with ultrasound:

   -Muscle tears

   -Sprains and strains



   -Scar tissue

   -Muscle contracture


Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES or TNES) is a therapeutic modality used to both strengthen muscles and for pain relief. It is applies by placing electrode pads against the skin or coat with a conductivity gel. At lower frequencies, electrical stimulation is commonly known as a TENS (therapeutic electrical neuromuscular stimulation), and stimulates sensory fiber recruitment, resulting in acute pain relief. At higher frequencies (NMES) motor fibers are recruited resulting in muscle strengthening. NMES is most often used in patients that are too weak to move certain muscle groups. By utilizing this tool, we can strengthen the weak muscles to a point where they can start to contract on their own. TENS units can be used for pain management at any point in the rehabilitation process.