At Water4Dogs, we do not limit the benefits of rehabilitation and hydrotherapy only to patients recovering from illness or injuries. We find that even the healthiest pets benefit considerably from many of our services.

Exercise swimming and underwater treadmill training is an amazing way for dogs to accomplish a high level of total body fitness without experiencing the consequences and impact on the bone and joints from land exercise. It is particularly helpful to have a facility like ours to accommodate your young puppy’s exercise needs in the cold months during the winter. For your senior pet’s, our pools are maintained at 90 degrees, creating warm therapeutic effects, loosening their joints and tightened contracted muscles, resulting in comfort and relief, all while experiencing the benefit of the exercise.

Other services like massage therapy and acupuncture are very therapeutic, especially for the geriatric patient. In addition to being indicated for certain injuries to the muscles, bone and joints, acupuncture and massage therapy have energizing effects that help maintain good quality of like in aging pets. Overall, we feel that regardless of your pet’s age and health status, that we have a facility and team that can offer therapy and education that can not only help your pet recover from an injury or illness, but also help promote their health, fitness, and well being.