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    Dog bites are unfortunately a common occurrence in New York City. Many times the person bit and the dog owner are left wondering what exactly happened to trigger such a reaction from an otherwise amicable pet. But even the friendliest Frenchie can act aggressive, either in a fearful way, an offensive way, and/or a defensive

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    Integrative Senior Care: Dr DiPolo shares Dakota’s story

      Dakota’s story is one of my favorite ones.  This beautiful American Eskimo reminds me in some ways of my grandmother, who at 101, is still going strong.  Today i want to share some of Dakota’s secrets to longevity with you. For a 16 year old pet his size, Dakota has a very good quality of

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      Pierre’s Walkin’ Blues

        Meet Pierre, a six-year-old French Bulldog who suffers from a developmental abnormality in his spinal cord. His condition is similar to a more common disease called intervetertebral disk disease (IVDD).  IVDD is a disorder that results from a herniation of the disk material between the vertebrae, causing painful spinal cord compression. This can lead to

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